DNK | Exit Program is a huge success

DNK | Exit Program is a huge success

Denmark – Government authorities have recently presented a statistic on an exit program for gang members.

The offer, which was introduced in 2011, is aimed at gang members and mc members who want to turn their backs on their respective affiliations.

Here are the presented numbers in more detail:

• Beginning of 2013: 15 persons
• February 2014: 35 persons
• February 2015: 74 persons

The authorities were rather surprised and very positive about the success of the program. Before that, such measures were only known in connection with right-wing extremism and merely triggered weak resonance as the result of the close-knit and rather isolated nature of these groups. In case of motorcycle clubs, the program aims particularly at members of the Bandidos MC and Hells Angels MC. On the other side of the spectrum, the authorities want to reach out to members of migrant gangs. However, the resonance here is much lower than with the bikers.

According to police statements, there are currently 1,520 people in Denmark which have been identified to have ties to the biker scene.


By Sandmann


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