RUS | Night Wolves planning Roads of Victory

RUS | Night Wolves planning Roads of Victory

Yesterday we received the following appeal of the Night Wolves MG which we will share uncommented – we merely made some minor edits regarding grammar and spelling errors.

From August 11th to August 24th, the motorcycle run „Crimea – the way home“ will take place, following our last international motorcycle run „Roads of Victory”.

The main purpose of this run is to bring together as many concerned individuals as possible from as many European countries as possible and to reunite with the friends with whom we went to Berlin.
We want to meet people who care about what is happening in the world, who want to have a great time and strive to gain cultural and spiritual enrichment.

So far, we have set the following milestones for our trip:

12 Aug: Start of the run from Russia and Europe;

12 Aug: Joining of Russian and European bikers (meeting point to be confirmed);

17 – 19 Aug: Run to various military memorials in the South of Russia following a rich and interesting program schedule; for the brave ones – reaching the top of the Elbrus mountain;

20 Aug: Transfer by ferry across the Kerch Strait (from the continental part of Russia to the Crimea peninsula);

21 Aug: Arrival at the Gasfort mountain (Crimea), setting up a campsite. Participation in the legendary “Bike Show” as guests of honor!

22 – 24 Aug: Visit to military monuments and historical edifices in Crimea, participation in the charity run „Moto rally of Ai-Petri“ from Bakhchisarai to Yalta for people in need and presentation of awards for the successful completion of the challenge.

25 Aug: Going back home.

(PLEASE NOTE: Our planning is yet preliminary and will be adjusted in the course of the project, the main idea behind the run is to unite our nations).

Our trip:

11.08 Meet in Brest start 14:23 – 400 km
12.08 Brest-Rostov-Nw-Donu – 1100 km
13.08 Rostov-an-Donu – unite the Russian and European groups
14.08 Rostov-an-Donu – Pyatigorsk 500 km
15.08 Pyatigorsk – Grozny 300 km
16.08 Grozny
17.08 Grozny – Magas 100 km
17.08 Magas-Tiberda (Dombai Elbrus) 370 km
18.08 Tiberda – Nevinnomysk – Abrau Durso 750 km
19.08 Abrau-Durso
20.08 Abrau-Durso – Kerch – Sevastopol 460 km
21.08 Balaklava – Bike Show
22.08 Sevastopol
23.08 Rally Ai-petry 100 km
24.08 Yalta
25.08 Going back home

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