GER | Wolfmen have a heart for Emily

GER | Wolfmen have a heart for Emily

Neuburg (Bavaria) – The Wolfmen MC celebrated its 15th anniversary between 5 and 7 June and showed that the tough guys have a soft heart after all.

On Saturday starting 2pm, the club invited guests to a nearby lake and in the scope of its „15 Years on the Road“ party asked for donations for Emily, who has been severely injured at an almost fatal traffic accident. Daniela Wittmann, the wife of a member and mother to a daughter herself had the idea for the donation campaign. All members agreed and organized donations for this afternoon. A local brewery agreed to provide free beverages for this event. And a local bakery as well as a butchery provided hearty snacks.

The Neuburg chapter of the Wolfmen MC was founded in 2000. They regularly meet at ‚Silly’s, a pub at the nearby lake. Here, the MC has its own room. The club won’t have nothing of the criminal flair associated with bikers. Its members are in their late-30s to mid-50s, family-friendly and engage in social activities: Their wifes and children join them on rides and parties, and they also offered a platform to BACAA (Bikers against childporn and abuse).

Everyone was free to join the „15 Years on the Road“ fundraiser on Saturday, 6 June. It started at 2pm and ended at around 8pm.

Update: 8 June 2015

A reminder: Emily, then 18 months old, had an almost fatal traffic accident in April 2014. The spinal cord in the cervical vertebrae was 80 percent destroyed and Emily has been severely disabled since then. Therapies and the designs to fit the needs of handicapped people which enable her parents to take care of her at home cost a lot of money. For this, they depend on donations – like the ones the Wolfmen collected. They turned a motorcycle tank into a donation box and looked for sponsors prior to the event. The agenda on Saturday also had the goal to raise additional funds.

Almost everyone participated with the result that we collected more than €1,500 on Saturday alone

said member Ralf Schmidt.

In addition, there were donations by a butchery and a brewery. The exact amount, however, has not yet been determined.


by Sandmann


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