NLD | Meeting point of the HAMC in Kerkrade

NLD | Meeting point of the HAMC in Kerkrade

Kerkrade / The Netherlands – The local authorities secured the assistance of a major police raid to shut down a house which allegedly served as meeting point of the Hells Angels MC with immediate effect.

The operation in the city center of Kerkrade which is located directly at the German border involved dozens of officers of a special unit and a police helicopter patrolled the area during the operation. According to eyewitness reports, the authorities had the name plate of the guest house which is situated at the market place of Kerkrade removed, barricade the entrance with boards and afterwards announced that the house would be closed for three months (for now). No members of the motorcycle club were present at this time.

The operation is said to be linked directly to the announcement the mayor of neighbour community Maastricht to consequently proceed against MCs and also regarded as a consequence of the recent confrontation between the HAMC/Red Devils MC and the Bandidos MC. Mayor Jos Som said that this measure was taken due to the major tensions in the MC scene in Southern Limburg and also due to the appearance of the Bandidos MC. In the last couple of weeks the club has been showing up around the pub in a threatening way. He continued:

By no means do we want violent confrontations like in Sittard here, that’s why we enforced the shut down. We will need a long breath to solve this problem and get rid of the bikers.
The building has been subject to several legal disputes and police measures for quite some time. With these, he wanted to prevent the MC from purchasing the house by all means.

Here’s a three weeks-old video which clearly shows the central position of the building (in Dutch).

Update: 20 May 2015 – I
According to media reports Jos Soms, the mayor of the city has received death threats and is now under police protection. He is said to be under protection 24/7, in addition there are police cars patrolling his area in regular intervals and the police have installed a mobile crisis center just outside his home.

The police are said to take the frequent threats very seriously but cannot yet provide details on the sources and motifs as well as the duration of the surveillance operation. The media continue to speculate about a connection to the recent shut-down of the HAMC club house and local authorities confirmed at request that they believe it to be likely.

Update: 20 May 2015 – II

According to media reports, the Hells Angels have found a new meeting point shortly after the shut-down of their previous club house. There are reports about 20-25 persons meeting regularly in a building where one member of the club lives.

The authorities confirmed on request that they did not currently have a justification to address this subject.

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