GER | Outlaws celebrate Mühlenrock festival

GER | Outlaws celebrate Mühlenrock festival

Simmertal (Rhineland-Palatinate in western Germany) – Last weekend, around 1,000 members of the Outlaws MC and approximately 1,000 visitors celebrated the Mühlenrock festival and the German National Run of the club.

Starting with hard rock music over mobile tattoo studios up to various competitions and bike shows this weekend offered everything a biker’s heart desires. Not only did the Bad Kreuznach chapter of the Outlaws MC celebrate their 15th anniversary, the event also provided a fitting surrounding to celebrate the 50th birthday of its president.

The number 15 has an important meaning in our club: The 15th letter of the alphabet is ‚O‘ like in Outlaws. And that’s the reason why we held our meeting on 15 May 2015 despite this being a risky date due to the ‚Ice Saints‘ holiday.

said press officer Mike.

A physician, a vocational school teacher, a lecturer for accounting and an auditor are having a good time on the ‚Haumühle‘ camping yard in the ‚Kellenbachtal‘. No one would expect Thorsten, Carsten and Hans to hold jobs like these. But this week, their professional life does not play a role: They are living for the day, leaving their everyday business behind and meeting old friends. This is what the festival means to the three Outlaws from Munich.

The National Run was surrounded by subtle police controls. But the presence of LE did not stop the party which is the largest and most important event of the Outlaws MC – and a mandatory run for all German members who ride under the ‚Charlie‘.

Each year, the run is organized by a different chapter. This year it took place in Simmertal. There, the Bad Kreuznach chapter resides in a spacious club house with a huge camp ground.

We get along with the locals quite well and also brought some money with us. We try and deal only with local enterprises and traders. With us, they can be sure everything is in order. We have rented 60 percent of the entire campground as well as all hotels within a 10km range. And we still look forward to our local guests whose numbers are increasing every year.

continued the press officer of the Bad Kreuznach chapter.

Here, everything is in order. The visitors celebrate very peacefully – apart from some people with circulatory problems we did not record any incidents. We are on site with five people, a medical tent and two vehicles, are treated very well and our wishes are answered immediately.

emphasized head of the local Red Cross Frank Weger.

The owners of Bodyrock Tattoo in Bad Kreuznach worked from 11am till 2am. For example, the entire girls band „Wicked Asylum“ from Italy got some new ink after their successful gig on Friday night.

The meeting here is just great. A full weekend of good music, tattoos, loads of friends – and a lot of beer.

said an ink-covered biker before he decided to get a skull tribal tattoo.

Apart from music, there were sales and motorcycle accessoire stands, airbrush performances, tattoo booths, and loads of food. The music program on the three festival days was a colorful mix: Among others, bands such as ‚Alex im Westerland‘, Andreas Kümmert‘, ‚Hellcats‘, ‚Rockability Hellraisers‘ and ‚Wicked Asylum‘ played there.

Many of the local guests also talked to the members about the recent rescue of a child who fell into the Kellerbach a couple of weeks ago.

The National Run takes place in exchange with the Euro Run every two years. We organized the 2014 Euro Run and the 2015 National Run and spent two weeks preparing / breaking down the event. In the next few years we will visit the parties of our brothers in other chapters again.

said Mike in closing.

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