NOR | Parents write letter to the editor to thank HAMC

NOR | Parents write letter to the editor to thank HAMC

Tromso / Norway – The parents of a deceased member of the Hells Angels MC expressed their gratitude for their organization of the funeral. Hells Angel Svein Bastian Jensen (33) and his girlfriend Jeanette Pettersen (32) died in a fatal car crash on 19 March. In their letter to the editor which was picked up by several Norvegian media the parents wrote that they explicitly wanted to thank the MC – particularly to address the negative depiction of the bikers in the media.

Less than 24 hours after our tragic loss, the club members got in touch with us. We experienced honest empathy and the genuine wish to help us organizing an appropriate farewell. We had several meetings with members of the HAMC and Jeanette’s family and discussed the entire ceremony beforehand together with the funeral parlor and the church. We were confident that the funeral on 30 March would be an appropriate service.

Even though we are definitely not objective due to the strong emotions involved we are convinced that it was a dignified and strong ceremony. Our expectations were even exceeded. This was worthy for a great boy and a great girl. It was impressive to see so many Hells Angels in the church. We are writing this letter to express our gratitude. His brothers provided vital support and made the farewell a little bit easier for us. At the same time we want to reject the stigmatisation of MCs in the media in general and the Hells Angels in particular.

The deceased was a member of the*Tromso* charter and according to his father, between 600 and 700 attended the service, among them numerous club brothers from Norway and abroad.

The club has a ritual for funerals where every single member bids farewell at the grave. It is a gripping scene to witness 200 tattooed bikers in leather cuts doing that.

Marcel Lelienhof, who accompanied the Norvegian Hells Angels for several years as a photographer and published a comprehensive*illustrated book*about them added:

With the Hells Angels, the grief is as deep as with any other family. I got to know both deceased during my previous contacts with the club. This is incredibly sad, pointless, and way too early. Bikers are human beings first and foremost. And that’s probably the reason why the parents wrote this letter to the editor. They wanted to rectify the one-sided negative image of the club as usually only one side of the medal is being seen and reported.

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