SWE | Presence of Bandidos as Protection from Thieves?

SWE | Presence of Bandidos as Protection from Thieves?

Örkelljunga / Sweden – An estate management company wants to rent an object to the Bandidos MC as protection against a series of break-ins. Until now, there are merely assumptions that the BMC wants to establish a foothold in the Sourthern Swedish village, but there are growing signs. As a liquidator, Ingmar Grönvall is responsible for a very large area which has been haunted by burglars over twenty times.

They are particularly keen on the copper in the wires. So far, no security measures taken have been successful.

I am pretty sure that these things will stop immediately if the Bandidos MC were to settle down here. That’s why I’m clearly in favor of it.

A local politician of the Swedish Democrats who is also a tenant in the area, added:

Last week I was in Nizza and here they tried to steal my sports car. After that, I had a casual talk with the Bandidos – but not as a politician but as a private person. It was a positive meeting. I believe that the club is planning to run a small club house and a garage in the area. This series of break-ins is not just a stroke of fate – you can do something about it.

A politician of another party is not as excited about a possible arrival of the bikers. At first, she dismissed these rumors as being without any substance, but now as she received confirmations from the residents and asks for patience. An entrepreneur who owns a storage in the area which has been broken-in repeatedly, describes the opinion of most affected persons in a nutshell:

I’d rather have the Bandidos here than thieves! For me, this feels like the right thing.

The closest chapter of the biker club is located in Helsingborg, which celebrated its 20th Anniversary this year. The club itself did not want to comment on these speculations.
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