GER | Members of the Outlaws MC

GER | Members of the Outlaws MC

Simmertal / (South West)Germany – Several club members probably saved the life of a small boy who was floating unconsciously in a stream.The parents of the child spent Good Friday (3rd April) on a playground when they suddenly realized that their 3 year-old son had vanished. The Bavarian family was spending their Easter holiday on a nearby camping ground.*The parents cried for help and the groundkeeper of the camping yard who was alarmed by the screams eventually found the boy who was floating in a nearby stream. Due to the strong current, the boy had already drifted half a mile away and the man wasn’t able to reach him.*
Some members of the Outlaws MC were also alarmed by the groundkeepers cries for help and hurried to see what went on. The bikers have their club house in immediate proximity to the camping ground and luckily were on site. When they realized the gravity of the situation, they did not hesitate to plunge into the icecold water. Together, they succeeded to haul the boy back on dry land. As the boy was unconscious, they provided first aid and reanimation measures for 30 minutes. Only then did the emergency physician arrive who assumed that the boy was only able to survive the icecold water due to the emergency measures taken by the Outlaws.

Unfortunately, all hope was in vain: the police reported a couple of days later that the boy passed away on the day after the accident. The police explicitly thanked the bikers for their ‚tireless, wet, and livesaving effort‘.
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